Blue Fish Kitchen & Bar

Last Friday we were with a group of friends looking for a relaxed dinner out.  Our criteria was simple: great food, relaxed setting and good company.  We provided the company and turned to the Blue Fish Kitchen & Bar for the rest.  Located at the intersection of River Street and Division in a beautifully repurposed building, the Blue Fish is a perfect lunch or dinner destination.



Our group started with some house-smoked salmon crostini on garlic toast with capers and dill as an appetizer.  From there, we tried several of their entrees including duck, pork tenderloin in a Montmorency cherry sauce, Champagne Chicken, and grilled great lakes salmon – all accompanied by wine from a great selection. The food was so delicious that our usually boisterous conversation instantly quieted after the entrees arrived.  Too busy enjoying the food. Absolutely wonderful.


In the summertime, our preferred seating is on the deck with a views of the sunset on the river.  Here we can watch the parade of fishing and pleasure boats as they head out to Lake Michigan.  Or we can wave to the walkers below on the River Walk out for an evening stroll.  Somehow, even great food tastes better in the fresh air.  However, for those who prefer to be inside, there are plenty of tables plus seating at the bar. The Blue Fish can accommodate all groups: the romantic dinner for two, a family dining out, a large gathering of friends (like us) and truly big events like wedding receptions.   Good food, good times.  Cheers!


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